UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023 @caneup.in Online Status Check

As you are aware, agriculture covers almost 70% of the state of Uttar Pradesh. As a result, the government must continue to focus on control and consumption of land-farming produce. The UP government devised the Ganna Parchi Calendar for sugarcane production to help farmers and facilitate their selling activities. Follow the process in the post to check the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023 @caneup.in Online Status Check.

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023

The UP government has made an effort to aid farmers. Many of the chores that sugarcane growers used to perform in person may now be completed online. The “E-Ganna cane up App” was developed for sugarcane farmers’ convenience and transparency.

The bullock cart slip serves as the basis for the calendar parchi. Together with rice, cotton, and arhar, sugarcane is one of the major crops farmed in the state of Uttar Pradesh. After surveying the farmer’s fields, the Sugar Industry & Cane Development Department is working and uploading the data to insert information about the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar in the app.

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar Benefits

Let’s examine the advantages, keeping in mind why the government worked to create the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar:

  • The Sugarcane Slip Calendar will be available online for farmers to view.
  • The e-can platform was created expressly to provide farmers access to all the sugarcane-related information they need.
  • Moreover, the Uttar Pradesh government hopes to use this service to assist 50 lakh farmers.
  • They have also created an app that will allow farmers to check the information on their phones.
  • The app will provide users access to all sugarcane-related data, including slips, transactions, the Satta calendar, the Sugarcane pre-calendar, and the weight of sugarcane from the previous year, among other things.
  • Over 113 Sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh have developed their official websites as a result.

According to the report, the department has completed the survey for the farmers’ crop sowing. The data has been uploaded. Farmers can remedy the problem by getting in touch with the agency. Also, the department has provided a special code that they may use to check for shortages and notify the department.

@caneup.in Online Status Check 2023

The platform was created to support farmers. Responsible government personnel first conduct a land survey and collect data. They then upload the data and ask the farmer to review it and make any necessary corrections. For the farmers to receive the slip, they must register on the app. The portal displays all of the changes as follows:

  • Survey data
  • Pe calendar
  • sugarcane calendar
  • extra satta calendar
  • supply ticket
  • sugarcane weighing
  • sugarcane weighed last year
  • S0 M0 S0 Log

To verify the information you need, simply navigate to the tab given below and click. We have supplied the step that will assist you in checking the status.

Sugarcane Calendar Slip Website List of Sugar Mills

In addition to the portal for the sugarcane department, the following websites offer information to farmers:

  • 1-www.kisaan.net
  • 2-www.upsugarfed.org
  • 3-www.krishakmitra.com
  • 4-www.dsclsugar.com
  • 5-www.bhlcane.com
  • 6-www.bcmlcane.in
  • 7- www.bcmlcane.com
  • 8-www.bcmlcane.in/kisaansuvidha
  • 9-www.gannakrishak.in
  • 10-kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
  • 11-krishakmitra.com

You can check on the above-mentioned site as well.

How to Check UP Ganna Parchi Online Status?

Farmers have the option of checking the status at home or at an e-Mitra kiosk. You will be led step by step in the next section. Patiently go over the facts and fill in the correct information.

  • Go to the site: https://enquiry.caneup.in/
  • Then enter the captcha, then click on view.
  • After that, you will be required to enter the following details correctly to get the details.
  1. UGC:
  2. Or District:
  3. Select District
  4. Factory:
  5. Search by Code Village:
  6. Grower
  • Select and enter the following from the drop-down menu available there.
  • Then there is the Action drop-down portion; from there, select the Revenue Data tab/option.
  • Then your data will be provided; you can switch between the provided tabs as per your requirement.

To gather more information, visit the authentic portal, which is, @enquiry.caneup.in.

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